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pp. 272, Brossura, 978-88-15-38365-5
publication year 2023

“Cyberspace” and “cybersecurity” have become familiar terms. Many people comprehend that, in some way, cybersecurity has to do with passwords and software updates. Perhaps fewer are aware that is also involves spam and phishing. Hardly anyone knows about a/symmetric key encryption, zero-days and ATPs (Advanced Persistent Threats). This is quite understandable: cyberspace and the digitalisation processes currently transpiring in all areas of society and the economy do not lend themselves to straightforward comprehension. This book addresses issues ranging from the confidentiality of communications and personal data to elections via the Internet, from cybercrime and cyberterrorism to cyberweapons and cyberwarfare. The authors aim to help readers grasp the transformations ensuing from digitalisation and the key role played by cybersecurity.

Gabriele D’Angelo teaches Cybersecurity at the Cesena campus of the University of Bologna.

Giampiero Giacomello teaches Cybersecurity and Cybercrime at the University of Bologna.

Prefazione, di Michele Colajanni
I. Le basi
II. Sicurezza, privacy e società
III. Le infrastrutture critiche
IV. Elezioni elettroniche e via internet
V. Cybercrimine e cyberterrorismo
VI. Cyber-warfare e armi cibernetiche, di Gian Piero Siroli e Matteo Gramaglia
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