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DAVID GOSSET (a cura di)

China and the World

The Long March Towards a Community of Shared Future for Mankind. Volume 3 Culture, Ideas and Arts

Preface, by David Gosset
I. The Tianjin Juilliard School as a Cultural Bridge, by Alexander Brose
II. China, the UN, and the Global Opportunity for Partnerships and Progress, by Siddharth Chatterjee
III. The Role of Design in the Relationship between China and the World, by Aldo Cibic
IV. Searching for Common Ground in Difference: A Lesson in Translation, by Belén Cuadra-Mora
V. The Role of Books, Publications and Libraries – and Librarians – in the Relationship between China and Europe, by Luciana del Buono
VI. The Impact of Chinese Musicians on Classical Music, by Frederick du Plessis
VII. The Role of Art in the Relations between China and the World, and the Story of Gabarron’s Artistic Presence in China, by Juan Gabarron
VIII. Building a Shared Culture between East and West?, by Louis Godart
IX. China in the World. Translation(s) in Progress, by David Gosset
X. Old and New Chinese Cultures through Digital Heritage, by Sarah Kenderdine
XI. China-Sri Lanka: Two Millennia of Mutually Enriching Cultural Relations, by Palitha Kohona
XII. Cultural Relations between China and Russia, by Ivona Ladjevac
XIII. The Role of Archaeology in the Relationship between China and the World, by Deborah Lehr
XIV. Knitting New Silk Road Dreams: Cultural Relations between China and Central Asia, by Aleksandar Mitic
XV. Experiences in Fostering Mutual Understanding in the Context of the Relations between Europe and China, by Romano Prodi
XVI. Institutions, Society, and Social Representations, by Jean-Philippe Raynaud
XVII. Cultural Relations between China and Latin America: An Overview from Spain, by Augusto Soto
XVIII. Chinese Cultural Diplomacy in Africa, by Ljiljana Stevic
XIX. The Taihu World Cultural Forum: An Advocate of Cultural Exchanges between China and the World, by Yan Zhaozhu
XX. Perception and Representation. Introducing Chinese Landscape Painting and Flower-and-Bird Painting, by Yang Renmin

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