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DAVID GOSSET (a cura di)

China and the World

The Long March Towards a Comunity of Shared Future for Mankind. Volume 2

Preface, by David Gosset
I. The Energy Revolution, by Marco Alverà
II. Philanthropy and Social Innovation in China, by Giovanni B. Andornino and Wang Qinghong
III. Chinese Overseas Investments and Multilateralism, by Daniela Bobeva
IV. A Strategic Outlook for the Cruise Ship Market in China, by Giuseppe Bono
V. The Geopolitical Context of Business, by Eugenio Bregolat
VI. Business Law in China – Four Decades after “Opening-up”, by Bernard Dewit
VII. China and the Middle East, by Frederick du Plessis
VIII. China and the Tourism Industry, by Gabriel Escarrer
IX. Beyond Silk: The Origins of Trade Between China and Europe, by Louis Godart
X. For a Broader Outlook at the Chinese Civilization, by David Gosset
XI. China and the World: Intesa Sanpaolo’s Perspective, by Gian Maria Gros-Pietro
XII. China’s New Concept of Global Tourism for a Better World, by He Yafei
XIII. China and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), by Hans Hendrischke
XIV. The Role of Business Education in the Context of the China-Europe Relationship, by Isabelle Huault and Hua Wang
XV. Agri-food Trade between Brazil and China: A Strategic Outlook, by Marcos Jank and Niels Søndergaard
XVI. China’s Evolving Engagement with Africa, by Mcebisi Jonas
XVII. China’s Belt and Road Initiative from the Perspective of Global Governance, by Valentin Katrandzhiev
XVIII. Role of Business in Supporting a Low Carbon Future, by Leslie Maasdorp
XIX. Exploring the Fabric of Trade: Refashioning the US-China Trade Relationship in a Post-COVID World, by Joan McEntee
XX. A Scandinavian Perspective on China: Key Learnings from the Danish Innovation and Sustainability Agendas, by Nikolaj Moesgaard and Claus Toxvig
XXI. Enlarging Commonalities: From Business to a Shared Vision for the World’s Future, by Romano Prodi

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