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The Italian Railways

Preface to the English edition
I. Railways and the Risorgimento
1. Transport in the early 19th century
2. “The spirit of Italian nationality”
3. The arrival of “steam trains” in the preunification states
4. The train service
5. Soldiers on the trains
II. A national “network”
1. The era of big building works
2. Secondary railways and tramways
3. Economic progress
4. The modernization of cities and countryside
5. Traveling in united Italy
III. The state and railways
1. The “law of the big groups” (1865) and the “parliamentary revolution” (1876)
2. The “agreements” (1885)
3. Riccardo Bianchi and the state company (1905)
4. The Great War
5. Railway workers between trade unions and politics
IV. The “trains on time” during the fascist period
1. Purging and restructuring
2. Traffic growth and road competition
3. Electric trains and “littorine”
4. The “direttissime”
5. The “popular trains”
V. Reconstruction and the “Settebello”
1. Between mines and bombs
2. It’s time to travel again
3. The “luxury” train
4. The “transportation for the poor”
5. Loss of traffic and technological lag
VI. End of the “old” and arrival of the “new” railway
1. The “direttissima” Rome-Florence
2. The “railway renaissance”
3. The return of private management
4. Liberalization of train services
5. Trains and railways for the 21st century, towards Europe
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