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series "Società e politica nel mondo globale. Collana del Dipartimento di Scienze politiche e sociali dell'Università di Firenze"
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publication year 2020


Social Challenge for Europe

Addressing Failures and Perspectives of the European Project

Introduction, by Laura Leonardi and Gemma Scalise
Part I: Solidarity, the refugee crisis and migration
I. Contesting European solidarity: The «refugee crisis» in the media, by Hans-Jörg Trenz
II. Solidarity towards refugees as a contested terrain, by Nicola Maggini
III. Solidarity’s place is in the constitution, by Veronica Federico
IV. The European Community and the first migration crisis in post-war Europe. A missed opportunity for a common approach to immigration? (1971-1979), by Simone Paoli
V. Asylum seekers and refugees in Italy: How to present a social threat as a scapegoat, by Stefano Becucci
Part II: Identity, religion and language
VI. Inequality and uncertainty: The roots of the European identity crisis, by Gemma Scalise
VII. Religion and the European public spheres, by Debora Spini
VIII. Plurilingualism and Europe’s future, by Jessica A. Thonn
IX. English: Both political choice and political act?, by Nicholas Brownlees and Francesca Ditifeci
Part III: Social citizenship and democracy in Europe
X. European citizenship in (times of) crisis? Social rights and austerity, by Costanza Margiotta
XI. Social citizenship and inequalities. Is there a future for a social Europe?, by Laura Leonardi
XII. Transnational mobilization around the European Constitution: The case of DiEM25, by Paul Blokker
XIII. Europe and emotions: Between love and hatred, fear and hope, by Alessandro Pratesi
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