Searching for World Order

The West and War

War in Iraq and terrorism in Europe: the international state of affairs could not be any bleaker. After 9/11, political divisions have prevented a common strategic vision, and the bloody "postwar" situation in Iraq represents another drama for both states and consciences. This volume identifies possible scenarios for overcoming the current chaos and reinstating an international order based on multilateral cooperation. After explaining basic features of international stability and the various types of order that have occurred in history, the author discusses the American intervention in Iraq, its consequences, prospects for exporting democracy, changes in international terrorism and response strategies, and the potential roles of the United Nations and Europe. The reconstruction of a wide-ranging international consensus, both among democracies and at a more general level, necessarily entails the deliberate commitment of all major powers. Such a process will be slow and difficult, and requires a re-thinking of how the UN works an assumption of greater responsibility by Europe. Yet, as the closing decade of the last century shows, such a process is the best bet for achieving global stability.

Filippo Andreatta teaches Political Science and International Politics at the University of Parma.


cover price € 10,50
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series "Contemporanea"
pp. 160, 978-88-15-09741-5
publication year 2004

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