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Reti, saperi, linguaggi

Italian Journal of Cognitive Sciences

  • ISSN2279-7777
  • E-ISSN 1826-8889
  • Periodicity six-monthly


CFP: Persuasion and Narrative Communication

Edited by Francesco Ferretti (University of Roma Tre). This special issue of Reti, Saperi, Linguaggi. Italian Journal of Cognitive Sciences aims to investigate the relationship between persuasion and narrative communication. Read all


CFP: Making Visible: Bodies, Environments, and Apparatuses

Edited by Chiara Cappelletto (University of Milan) and Giulio Galimberti (University of Milan). Sixty years ago new visualization strategies came to the public floor displaying “pictures” of our living bodies and our cerebral and reproductive functions. These strategies make visible–that is, they visibilize–biological processes that are not visual per se, but rather chemical, thermal, magnetic, acoustic, electric.

Read all

CFP: Mind, body and language in the history of ideas

Around the 1940s, thanks to the studies of the American philosopher Arthur Oncken
Lovejoy, the history of ideas was born in the United States as an autonomous discipline,
distinct from the history of philosophy and centered on the concept of process and
elaboration understood as a continuous mutation of knowledge... read all. The deadline for submitting essays is September 30, 2022.

  • ISSN2279-7777
  • E-ISSN 1826-8889
  • Periodicity six-monthly




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