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Call for papers: The challenge of mental disorder

The challenge of mental disorder: Psychopathology and the cognitive sciences. The field of psychopathology recently achieved new and important insights thanks to the contribution of many different disciplines, like neurosciences, psychology, philosophy, cognitive sciences, psychiatry, evolutionary studies and so on. These new insights make it possible to rethink the concept itself of mental disorder, and, at the same time, they shed light into questions that lie at the intersection among the disciplines cited above, questions regarding the very nature of rationality, corporeity, consciousness, feelings, emotions, self. In other words, mental disorders put what it is human at stake.

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Call for papers. The aesthetic interaction: Between simulation, engagement and performance

The investigation on aesthetic experience that is carried out today in the light of the most recent research in the field of cognitive sciences, neurosciences and studies on evolutionism, increasingly makes use of notions that emphasize its interactional nature. However, these formulas are different from each other, if not even incompatible. "Embodied simulation", "material engagement", "performance" are some of these notions, whose implications outline various and different concepts of the aesthetic (perhaps depending on the peculiar understanding of mind that is advocated).


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