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CFP: Get to work! Il rapporto tra lavoro ed educazione nella società contemporanea

Over the past three decades, the relationship between education and work has become increasingly central. ‘Lifelong Learning’ represents, by the middle of the 1990s, the driving notion both in the policy discourse and the expert one (Holford, et al., 1998; Lawn, 2006; Watts, Sultana and McCarthy, 2010).


The forms of education Epistemologies, government and subjectivities

Con questo numero speciale (n.3-2021) Scuola Democratica – Learning for Democracy intende pubblicare contributi alle recenti principali trasformazioni del sistema scolastico italiano: le forme del governo della scuola, con l’introduzione del decentramento e dell’autonomia; i fondamenti educativi con le Indicazioni Nazionali per i diversi cicli di istruzione; la cultura dell’educazione, con riferimento ai linguaggi con i quali si discute oggi di educazione nel dibattito pubblico e nel campo professionale.

Call for papers:The academic profession in the making Teaching innovation, digital, accountability and other challenges

Editors: Assunta Viteritti, Gioia Pompili, Leonardo Piromalli. 

The arena of higher education is nowadays invested by several tensions. Actors, scales and stakes are being reconfigured and reassembled in the wake of social and political events which education institutions and practitioners are called to face on heterogeneous scalar levels. The academic profession is deeply implicated in this intricate and ever-changing context, as several complex challenges arise with which it has to deal with, e.g.: the engagement of universities in teaching innovation efforts; the emergence of reforms based on New Public Management logics; the plain-sight as well as concealed effects of digital technologies; the Europeanisation and globalisation of higher education arenas; the involvement of universities in ‘third mission’ efforts; etc.

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