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Call for papers ESS 2018

The past two decades have been characterized by major global events, from the attack on the twin towers in 2001 and the invasion of Iraq in 2003; the 2008-09 financial and economic crisis; the ongoing war in Syria and the refugee and migrant crisis in Europe since 2015; and the rising rates of political dissatisfaction in many Western countries. For nearly twenty years now, the European Social Survey (ESS) has aided researchers in this task. The ESS is an academically driven cross-national survey that has been conducted in over thirty countries across Europe since its establishment in 2001.


III POLIS Award: Youth in Research 2018

The call aims to disseminate and reward the best research conducted by young scholars on social and political phenomena that: is based on empirical data (without preferences for the methodology adopted) framed within a rigorous theoretical framework; handles an emerging issue or an innovative research hypothesis; is fertile for future research perspectives.

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  • Periodicity four-monthly