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Call for papers: European public space

Call for papers: European public space. Towards integration of information arenas?

Europe in the national public space is a perspective that is becoming more and more complicated to understand in terms of institutional globalization and the interconnection of communication environments. While Member States are reluctant to lose sovereignty and are therefore defending their internal interests, the convergence of global phenomena is obliging institutions to rethink about the public sphere and the relationship with citizens.

The European integration process often clashes with the difficulty of Member States to react dynamically to the new context and therefore does not encourage the growth of a common European identity. An emergent distrust towards the European integration process is weakening the unity project and making increasingly fragile the idea of a shared identity and of a common space for decision making. The European integration issue and the growing perception of its concreteness seem to collide with the difficulty of letting the people understand its complexity, also because of the adoption of languages not able to construct meaning and then support by the citizens. The recent economic crisis has gradually increased feelings of mistrust towards the European model, which has become too rigid and has produced internal discord, as the recent immigration crisis confirms. 

Call for papers: Piattaforme, algoritmi, formati. Come sta evolvendo l’informazione online

Call for papers: Piattaforme, algoritmi, formati. Come sta evolvendo l’informazione online

L’impatto che le piattaforme online, social e search, stanno esercitando sul sistema dell’informazione è decisamente più rilevante di quello prodotto dalla prima ondata di digital transformation, con il passaggio dalla carta al digitale.


Call for papers: Pope Francis and the Media

Religion and media are more closely intertwined than ever before. Media play an increasingly central role in making religions publicly visible. The “mediatization of religion,”, a long-term process through which the media have become integrated into the workings of religious organizations, is variable and dependent on social and institutional contexts.

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Call for contribution: Scheda critica

La rivista Problemi dell’Informazione da tre anni ospita, nell’ambito della rubrica “Letture”, una Scheda critica, ossia una rassegna della letteratura su temi di attualità nel dibattito scientifico su media, comunicazione e giornalismo.

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