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publication year 2022


The Ukraine Frontier

War, Geopolitics and International Order

The war in Ukraine will be a protracted conflict which, as it continues to be fought, will undergo extensive changes and affect both macro-regional equilibria and international relations. Based on this hypothesis, the author contributes to the wider debate on the effects of war on world government. The book explores some key facets of the conflict, primarily the ideological dimension, and then focuses on the dynamics of weaponry (both conventional and non-conventional), the political solutions under discussion in the negotiation processes, the underlying tensions between national sovereignty and identity, European identity in relation to the enlargement of the European Union, Russia’s economic profile, the positioning of the “rest of the world”, geostrategic competition in a multipolar landscape, and, finally, on the latent issue of peace. A complex framework emerges, in which it is not easy to find one’s bearings. The author provides a conceptual map allowing readers to develop their own understandings of the facts.

Francesco Stazzari teaches International Relations at the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa and also teaches at the same city’s Scuola Normale Superiore and the Johns Hopkins University.

I. Ucraine
1. L’indipendenza
2. La Crimea e l’allineamento impossibile
3. Nazionalisti, estrema destra e milizie paramilitari
4. La democrazia e la nazione
II. Revisionismi
1. Transizione senza fine
2. Genealogie
3. La guerra
4. Lo spettro nucleare
III. Teorie
1. (Dis)oriente
2. Noi l’avevamo detto
3. La frontiera (post)coloniale
Epilogo. Sfide

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