The Body (and Its Dark Side)

Our bodies are part of our identities and represent us. They are theatres of emotion, means for conveying intentional or involuntary messages, revealing things that are beyond our conscious control. Human beings have an uneasy relationship with their physical self-image. This relationship has been studied since the late 19th century by neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and, earlier still, by artists and philosophers. Today more than ever, the body, obsession with health, outward image worship, and medical and aesthetic manipulation play important social roles. This book explores our relationship with the body and its image, the tension between our identity and the changing body, the discomfort and the negative emotions that we feel when we contemplate our bodies. The relationship we have with our bodies is sometimes calm and unfocused, then distressed and concerned. The author provides a thoughtful, suggestive analysis that draws upon philosophy, biology, psychology, psychopathology, neuroscience, and neurophilosophy, but also resorts to clinical cases and examples taken from literature, cinema and mythology.

Massimo Cuzzolaro formerly taught Clinical Psychiatry and Psychology at the Sapienza University in Rome and is editor-in-chief of “Eating and Weight Disorders”.

I. Cento ossa e nove buchi
1. Ho un corpo, sono il mio corpo
2. Fumo e polvere
3. Soma versus psiche
II. Psico?somatico
1. Isteria
2. Ipocondria
3. Argan e il dottor Knock
4. Note sulla parola «psicosomatico»
5. Da Freud all'alessitimia
6. Tra psicologia e biologia
III. Sguardi sul corpo e sul cervello
1. Guardare, studiare, raffigurare, venerare
2. Cervello e cefalizzazione del corpo
3. Da Broca alla cartografia cerebrale
4. Trapianti e trapianto di testa
IV. Mappe cerebrali del corpo
1. Schema corporeo
2. Arto fantasma, disconoscimenti di sé
3. Disconoscimento dell'altro
4. Protesi
V. Immagine del corpo
1. L'immagine e lo specchio
2. Schilder, Lhermitte e altri
3. Identità e metamorfosi
4. Artifici
VI. Mal d'immagine
1. Il discanto della deformità
2. Culto della magrezza e obesità
3. Anoressia nervosa
4. Ipocondria della bellezza
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publication year 2017

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