Cover Surveys and Polls in Psychosocial Research


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Surveys and Polls in Psychosocial Research

Surveys and polls are the most commonly used tools in psychosocial and social research, which laypeople frequently encounter when they watch television or read newspapers. This book describes these versatile research tools and in doing so emphasises two goals: help the novice reader grasp the main notions needed to perform a survey or poll; supply useful skills for understanding and critically assessing survey and poll findings reported in mass media. The volume explains the main stages of research processes which use surveys and polls, the difficulties and obstacles which typically hinder this type of research, and the crucial choices which researchers must make in order to further the acquisition of knowledge with such instruments.

Contents: Introduction - 1. Surveys and Polls - 2. The Planning Stage - 3. Sampling - 4. Developing a Questionnaire - 5. Constructing Variables - 6. Criteria for Creating Good Questionnaires - 7. Questionnaire Administration Techniques - 8. Data-Coding and Variable Transformation - 9. Reporting Findings - Appendix: Research Ethics in Psychology - Bibliography - Index

Michele Roccato teaches Psychosocial Research Methodology and The Psychological Dimension of Territory at the University of Turin.

1. L'inchiesta e il sondaggio
2. La progettazione
3. Il campionamento
4. Come strutturare il questionario
5. La costruzione delle variabili
6. Criteri per costruire buoni questionari
7. Le tecniche di somministrazione del questionario
8. La codifica dei dati e la trasformazione delle variabili
9. La presentazione dei risultati
Appendice. L'etica della ricerca in psicologia e il codice dell'APA
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