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Conversazione con Caterina Visco


Patenting Health?

Medicine Without Markets

Universally accessible healthcare is necessary and possible. The Covid-19 epidemic and the debate that has emerged about vaccine licensing have dramatically shown that our economic system, especially as regards patents and intellectual property in the field of medicine, supports monopolies and inequalities. The ensuing social costs are enormous. Is it possible to imagine a future in which everyone can enjoy scientific and technological achievements and avoid the high costs imposed by markets? Is it possible to prevent the granting of patents when basic health needs are involved? The author, a world-renowned pharmacologist, reflects on the prospect of introducing regulation regimes promoting treatments accessible to all. The book identifies strategies that can be implemented immediately (as long as politics doesn’t get in the way) as well as more challenging, imaginative solutions: revolutionizing healthcare is possible.

Silvio Garattini is a physician and teacher of Chemotherapy and Pharmacology. In 1961 he founded the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research, of which he is still the president.

Caterina Visco is a science journalist and editor-in-chief of the online magazine “Senti Chi Parla”.

I. Il re è nudo
II. Le regole del gioco
III. Lezioni dal passato
IV. Brevettare la salute?
V. Vestiti nuovi per i brevetti, e non solo
VI. Disegnare strade nuove
Conclusioni. Una lezione che non possiamo permetterci di non imparare

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