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Why it's destined to last

Trump, Grillo, Salvini: why are neo-populist leaders and parties spreading so quickly throughout democratic nations? Who votes for? Will they stand the test of time? The economic downturn and the crisis of democratic representation have created a very fertile terrain for the birth and the consolidation of neo-populist parties. This book traces the recent evolution of the phenomenon, while illustrating its specific characteristics, variants and future prospects in an array of different national contexts.

Contents: 1) A threat hangs over Europe (and not only there). – Populism: what does it mean? – People: what does it mean? – Populism, populists. - 2) The reasons behind neo-populisms success. - Political crisis, economic crisis, migration crisis. – The perfect storm. Act I: the impact of the crisis on neo-populist parties. – The perfect storm. Act II: the impact of the crisis on voting citizens. – 3) Exclusionary neo-populist parties. - Front National. – Freiheitliche Partei Osterreichs. – Dansk Folkeparti. – Partij voor de Vrijheid. – FIDESZ. – United Kingdom Independence Party. –4) Inclusive neo-populist parties. - Podemos. – SYRIZA. – Die Linke. – Sinn Féin. – France Insoumise. – SMER. – 5) Italian neo-populist parties. – The League: an exclusionary neo-populist party. – The Five Star Movement: searching for a neo-populist identity. - 6) Attitudes and the electorate. – Neo-populist attitudes. – A neo-populist electorate. – Conclusion: the era of neo-populist democracy? – For further reading.

Paolo Graziano teaches Political Science and Comparative Politics at the University of Padua.

1. Uno spettro si aggira per l’Europa (e non solo)
Populismo: cosa è.
Popolo: cosa è.
Populismo, populismi.
2. Le cause del successo neopopulista
Crisi politica, crisi economica, crisi migratoria.
La tempesta perfetta. Atto I: l’impatto delle crisi sui partiti neopopulisti.
La tempesta perfetta.
Atto II: l’impatto delle crisi sui cittadini-elettori.
3. I partiti neopopulisti esclusivi
Front National.
Freiheitliche Partei Ősterreichs.
Dansk Folkeparti.
Partij voor de Vrijheid.
United Kingdom Independence Party.
4. I partiti neopopulisti inclusivi
Die Linke.
Sinn Féin.
France Insoumise.
5. I partiti neopopulisti italiani
La Lega: un partito neopopulista esclusivo.
Il Movimento Cinque Stelle: alla ricerca di un’identità neopopulista.
6. Orientamenti ed elettorato
Orientamenti neopopulisti.
Elettorato neopopulista.
Conclusioni. L’era della democrazia neopopulista?
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