Brain in Love

Women and Men in the Time of Neuroscience

When we fall in love, our hearts beat madly. But recent research suggests that it is actually the brain and its chemical components that trigger the blend of emotions and excitement that characterizes attraction and the beginning of every love story. But why does initial exhilaration change into serenity once a relationship stabilizes? And when love comes to an end, do cerebral areas play a role in the misery we experience? In light of the many forms in which love occurs, beginning with the peculiar one that arises between women and men, we need to ask whether neurotransmitters, genes or relational factors are responsible for this variability. This book talks about relationships among couples, how they arise and change over time, infidelity, and what engenders a healthy rapport. The author provides a thorough, smart narrative that draws from evolutionary perspectives, neuroscience, life stories, literature and cinema, thus revealing the biological bases of how and why we love.

Grazia Attili is an evolutionary psychologist who teaches Social Psychology at the Sapienza University in Rome.


book € 16,00
e-book € 11,99
Formato:  Kindle , ePub
series "Intersezioni"
pp. 232, 978-88-15-27145-7
publication year 2017

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