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publication year 2011


How Our Mind Works

Learning, Simulation, and Serious Games

Information technology, Web 2.0, 3D environments, and the endless opportunities offered by new media have ushered in dramatic and inescapable innovations. In fact, we live in a society that changes exponentially and in which information and new knowledge also accumulate at an exponential rate. The situation demands flexible and adaptive minds and new forms of teaching and learning in educational contexts, ranging from schools to adult training. New technologies have caused information overloads, but have also led to the building of virtual learning contexts that promote a greater and increasingly coherent adaptation of teaching strategies to the ways the human mind works. "Learning while you play" is no longer just an empty saying but has become a practical reality that the authors of this book, the first of its kind, describe in a detailed manner. The text also includes references to software, which can be downloaded from the internet, especially developed in order to help learn new skills.

Luigi Anolli teaches Psychology of Communication and Psychology of Culture at Bicocca University in Milan, where he heads the Communication Science Studies Centre (CESCOM).

Fabrizia Mantovani teaches Psychology of Communication at Bicocca University in Milan.

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