Cover Darwin and the Creation Dispute


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publication year 2009


Darwin and the Creation Dispute

In 2009 "The Origin of the Species", the work in which Charles Darwin set out the principles of his revolutionary theory on human evolution, will be 150 years old. The book's publication in 1859 caused a huge scandal and a wide-ranging controversy in both scientific quarters and public opinion of the Victorian Age. The first edition sold out in a single day! The debate that ensued highlighted the diffidence of traditional religious thought vis-à-vis the anatomical, geological and fossil evidence in favour of natural selection. In this book the author describes the situation in which that lively dispute arose, describing both the criticism leveled at the new theory by the period's ethical and theological culture and the scientific reasoning with which the great naturalist and biologist replied in his later works. The final chapter is devoted to showing how the current revival of creationist ideas and "intelligent design" is only a reworking of the original objections.

Paolo Casini used to teach History of Modern Philosophy at "La Sapienza" University in Rome.

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