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Altiero Spinelli

Altiero Spinelli was an unusual politician: first a young militant Communist, then a prophet of Europes federal unity during the Resistance and after World War II. A spirited fighter, almost always moving against the flow, he is increasingly perceived as one of the most important European figures of the 20th century. Spinelli has left plenty of material concerning his private and public life: memoirs, diaries (all published by Il Mulino), and a vast archive. On the basis of these sources and lengthy research in European and American archives, the author of this volume supplies a comprehensive portrait of Spinellis life and political activity, which a special emphasis on his decades-long federalist commitment and work in European institutions. Detailed and passionate, this biography gives readers direct access to an extraordinary personal and political experience and testifies to its significance and appeal.

Piero S. Graglia teaches History of European Integration at the University of Milan.

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