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Tools of Democracy

The tools used for improving how democratic systems work vary over time and space. This book considers the tools that are currently considered most adequate in making democracy not only more complete and widespread, but also more participatory in nature. These tools are critically examined according to four criteria: the ability to engender interest in politics, to produce information, to foster participation, to support and increase citizens' decision-making power, especially as regards their sens of efficacy (i.e., their belief that they "count"). This book is itself a instrument for understanding current political and cultural debates and how to become better-informed and more influential citizens.

Gianfranco Pasquino is Professor of Political Science at the University of Bologna and also Adjunct Professor of Politics at the Bologna Center of the Johns Hopkins University.

Introduzione, di Gianfranco Pasquino
1. Elezioni primarie, di Marco Valbruzzi
2. Referendum e iniziative popolari, di Pier Vincenzo Uleri
3. Comunicazione politica, di Donatella Campus e Jacques Gerstlé
4. Forme di democrazia elettronica, di Wainer Lusoli
5. Modelli e pratiche della democrazia deliberativa, di Daniela Giannetti
6. Nuove teorie della democrazia?, di Gianfranco Pasquino
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