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Cover Religions and Legal Systems


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series "Itinerari"
pp. 368, 978-88-15-10255-3
publication year 2004


Religions and Legal Systems

Introduzione al diritto ecclesiastico comparato

Ecclesiastic law is characterised by a multiplicity of sources. Different ecclesiastical regulations integrate themselves through the unity of experience and create the same kind of problems. This is the reason why it is becoming more and more important to study the relations between State and Church according to a variety of systems and models. As an answer to this necessity, and to a more general interest, both cultural and formative, a comparative method has been progressively asserted in the study of Ecclesiastic law. On this basis, this volume offers an updated introduction to the comparative study of the religious phenomenon in the different juridical contemporary systems.

Francesco Margiotta Broglio teaches Religious Institutions History and Relations between State and Church at the Political Science Faculty in Florence University.
Cesare Mirabelli , Judge at the Constitutional Court, teaches Ecclesiastic Law at the Law Faculty of the University "Tor Vergata" in Rome.
Francesco Onida teaches Ecclesiastic Law at the Law Faculty of the University of Florence.

1. Diritto ecclesiastico e comparazione giuridica, di C. Mirabelli
2. Il fenomeno religioso nel sistema giuridico dell'Unione europea, di F. Margiotta Broglio
3. Il fenomeno religioso nei sistemi giuridici extraeuropei, di F. Onida

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