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Cover The Contemporary City


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series "Universale Paperbacks il Mulino"
pp. 208, Brossura, 978-88-15-09524-4
publication year 2004


The Contemporary City

Vast processes of transformation impact on urban environments and radically change their physical form: cities expand into neighbouring territories, new transportation infrastructures traverse and connect them, architecturally innovative and symbolically evocative buildings distinguish their appearance, unconventional sites dedicated to cultural events and leisure activities attract ever greater and diverse audiences. These processes reflect profound changes in the economy, politics and contemporary culture. This book examines the most important transformations in European cities and relates them to these other major changes. The text also emphasises the role of cities that have managed to cut a path to development and strike a balance between global phenomenon and fruitful use of local resources.

Serena Vicari Haddock teaches Urban Sociology at the Bicocca University of Milan. Her publications include a contribution to F. Moulaert, A. Rodriguez, and E. Swyngedouw (eds.), "The Globalised City: Urban Redevelopment and Social Polarisation in European Cities" (Oxford University Press, 2003).

1. Città e sistema urbano
2. La città e l'economia
3. La città e le politiche
4. La città e la cultura
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