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Developmental Psychopathology

Developmental psychopathology needs to interact with many other disciplines: social, clinical, and developmental psychology; paediatric, internal, and psychiatric medicine; genetics and children's neuropsychiatry; epidemiology, sociology, and anthropology. This manual's primary goal is to establish a shared language that will promote dialogue among people who deal with minors and their problems. An additional aim is to build up basic skills that can be applied in different fields of intervention - clinical, educational, social, occupational - in order to further development of undergraduates' operational potential.

Graziella Fava Vizziello teaches Developmental Psychopathology in the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Padua.

Parte prima: Incertezza della definizione e dei confini
Parte seconda: Il farsi e il disfarsi della psicopatologia e delle classificazioni
Parte terza: Rischio psicopatologico e psicopatologia
Parte quarta: Forme della psicopatologia
Parte quinta: Minori che arrivano ai servizi
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