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Introduction to Sociology

This text was written in the belief that sociological discourse is the basis not only for direct engagement in social science, but also for the cultivation of sensitivity towards socio-cultural aspects, which is an essential ingredient for all spheres of higher education: politics, law, history, economics, psychology, teaching, medicine, engineering, and urban planning. There are good reasons explaining why sociology is offered in most undergraduate programmes. The volume attempts to satisfy such a varied array of needs with its features of compactness, readability, consistency and the linear nature of its underlying thematic process.

Contents: Preface - 1. Sociology as the Science of Social Phenomena - 2. What Is Society? - 3. Social Actors - 4. Social Structures - 5. The Subject-Structure Relationship and the Function of Power - Bibliography.

Franco Crespi teaches Sociology in the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Perugia.

1. La sociologia come scienza dei fenomeni sociali
2. Che cos'è la società?
3. Gli attori sociali
4. Le strutture sociali
5. Il rapporto soggetto-struttura e la funzione del potere
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