Cover Democracies and Democratisation


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series "Saggi"
pp. 320, Brossura, 978-88-15-08512-2
publication year 2003


Democracies and Democratisation

Democratisation processes are the most important type of political phenomenon in recent decades, given the failure of the three main "alternatives" to democracy that emerged during the 20th century: right-wing totalitarianism, defeated in World War II; authoritarian regimes, undermined by the impact of economic and social change; left-wing totalitarianism, done in by the fall of the Berlin Wall. Democratisation, however, has not always followed a linear path, encountering delays, interruptions and even radical changes of direction. Placing particular emphasis on Southern European, Latin American and Eastern European countries, the author describes the transition from a non-democratic regime to a democratic one, how a democracy gets established, consolidates itself and takes root, and the potential crises of rejection of democratic experiences.

Leonardo Morlino teaches Political Science at the University of Florence.

1. Democrazia, democrazie, quasi-democrazie
2. Le alternative non democratiche
3. Dalla democrazia all'autoritarismo
4. Dall'autoritarismo alla democrazia
5. Tra consolidamento e crisi
6. Alla ricerca di spiegazioni
7. Democrazie senza qualità?
8. Conclusione. Costruire la qualità
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