Cover Semantics


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series "Strumenti"
"Le strutture del linguaggio"
pp. 480, 978-88-15-05790-7
publication year 1997



Modern semantics grows out of generative grammar and logic. The present book, aimed primarily at undergraduates, is an introduction to semantics as it has developed within these traditions. It introduces the main ideas, methods and results of the study of meaning in an accessible, informal and engaging way. No previous acquaintance with logic or syntactic theory is presupposed. The more formal parts are introduced in articulated tables that are kept separate from the main text, which can be read independently. The book also contains a wealth of exercises with which readers can test their progressive understanding of the subject. The architecture of the text is designed so as to place the discipline within Cognitive Science. After having worked through this book, one will be able to follow most of the ongoing research and to tackle the more advanced textbooks currently available.

Contents: I. Semantics and Universal Grammar. - II. A Linguistic Universal. - III. Syntactic Representations. - IV. Semantic Competence. - V. Meaning and Use. - VI. Predicates and Modifiers. - VII. Quantifiers and Binding. - VIII. Intensionality. - IX. Events. - X. Presuppositions.

Gennaro Chierchia is currently a professor of General Linguistics at the University of Milan. He has previously taught at Brown University and at Cornell University.

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