Cover Reasons of the Heart
series "Universale Paperbacks il Mulino"
pp. 248, Brossura, 978-88-15-12777-8
publication year 2009


Reasons of the Heart

The Psychology of Emotions

The psychology of common sense often treats reason and sentiment as being opposites of one another in. Emotionality, however, is a fundamental dimension of the human condition that is not simply an additional element placed alongside the cognitive dimension - that is, reason - with the mere function of hindering it. Feelings have a raison d'tre, which the author of this text addresses by examining the complex relationship between emotion and cognition. Are emotions natural? Can we be happy? Can we control our emotions? Are women more sensitive than men? Can we forget emotions? Should they be shared? And what are emotions for, exactly? These and other questions, concerning emotional experience that each of us deal with in everyday life, receive scrupulous, exhaustive and timely answers in the pages of this book.

Guglielmo Bellelli teaches Psychology of Emotions, Motivation and the Personality and General Psychology at the University of Bari.

I. Le emozioni sono naturali?
II. E' possibile leggere le emozioni sul volto?
III. Le donne sono più emotive?
IV. Possiamo dimenticare le nostre emozioni?
V. Le emozioni possono essere controllate?
VI. Bisogna parlare delle emozioni?
VII. Possiamo essere felici?
VIII. A che cosa servono le emozioni?
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