Call for papers "Religion and cold war in a transnational perspective"

di Redazione,
December 21, 2017

The Cold War has contributed in some cases and in particular geographic contexts, thanks to the building of transnational (formal or, mostly, informal) networks of solidarity, denunciation, awareness, cooperation or intervention, to amplify or redefine the weight of the religious element in certain social and political contexts, even acting on some expressions of religiosity and on center-periphery relations.

Open to the suggestions of the latest studies, the monographic number of "Contemporanea" aims to propose a reflection on religion and cold war in a transnational perspective, in European and extra-European scenarios (hoping for a comparison between the American, African and Asian contexts), tryng to make a point on historical reflection and to open new research tracks, by comparing different realities and experiences.

In particular, "Contemporanea" invites to present proposals addressing the theme in relation to:

  • Secularization processes
  • Political use of religion
  • Decolonization processes
  • Revolutions and counter-revolutions
  • Campaigns for peace
  • Religious reaction to international pressures
  • Forms of transnational mobilization
  • International cooperation
  • Human rights
  • Cults and devotions
  • Missionary networks
  • Institutional networks
  • Action of groups and movements

The proposals (about 3000 characters), accompanied by a short curriculum by the author, must be sent by 10 March 2018 to Massimo De Giuseppe ( and Miranda Lida ( and for knowledge of the editorial office (

Selected essays, which according to publisher's rules may be published in Italian or English, must be delivered in a final form by 15 September 2018 and will be subject to peer review (anonymous in both directions). The release of the monograph is scheduled for July / September (No. 3) 2019.

Read here the call for papers in Italian, English, Spanish.

Rubrica: Highlights
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  • E-ISSN 2612-2235
  • Frequency three-monthly


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