Call for papers: biography and society

di Redazione,
June 20, 2017

Call for papers: biography and society

Edited by Roswitha Breckner (University of Vienna) and Monica Massari (University of Naples Federico II)

During the past twenty years, biographical research, which had significantly declined in post-war sociological inquiry, has gained new visibility and become an established field within scientific social research. This revival has allowed biographical analysis to expand its scope and to move beyond disciplinary borders, while exploring new research perspectives and innovative methods integrating narrative, ethnographic, and discourse approaches. The core question of the biographical approach, however, aimed at understanding how changes in society are connected with varying organizations of the self and family, work, life and generational relations, as well as institutional settings, is currently confronted with major issues of globalizing societies and new forms of communication. Different concepts of biography and life story rooted in different societal organizations and cultural traditions of narratives have appeared and started to interact, while new media and visual practices of remembering are significantly changing and/or affecting the ways how we create images of our self and document our biography.

This issue is aimed at exploring the relations existing between social events, historical processes and biographical experiences in the framework of an increasing transnationalization of people’s lives and practices, paying specific attention to the temporal dimension and the differences existing between age groups and generations both in Europe and non-European countries.

Deadline for abstracts submission: December 15, 2017

Deadline for full submission: April 15, 2018

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