Call for papers: Icons and power. Politics of images in the digital era

di Redazione,
March 15, 2017

Call for papers: Icons and power. Politics of images in the digital era

In recent times, the social perception of many relevant events has been deeply affected by the wide circulation of pictures. Social media, as devices for visibility and places that host both disengaged sociability and the establishment of new identities, are likely to attribute new functions and new social roles to images by shaping the ways in which we question and receive them within our perceptual horizon. From this perspective, the political impact of image can thus be interpreted as an incremental acquisition of civic, cultural and ethical meanings through the crossing of different communicative contexts.

The issue 1/2018 of Problemi dell’Informazione proposes to deeply explore these issues through the discussion of empirical research and theoretical analyses. Among the topics that can be examined, here is a list of areas of interest that can guide potential contributors:

  • the production of iconic images in the political communication and their circulation across legacy and online media;
  • the iconic production as a strategy for global terrorism;
  • the multiplication of images which show the suffering of distant people with a great emotional impact;
  • the manipulation of iconic images (in the form of artistic reinterpretation, parodies, fakes, détournement and culture jamming).

Deadline for abstract submission (max 250 words): April 30, 2017.

Deadline for papers (max 8000 words): September 15, 2017.

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Rubrica: News
  • ISSN0390-5195
  • Periodicity four-monthly


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