CALL FOR PAPERS Production Dynamics and Manufacturing Change: Restructuring the Wealth of Nations

di Redazione,
October 5, 2018

Guest editors: Patrizio Bianchi (University of Ferrara and Regione Emilia-Romagna), Roberto Scazzieri (University of Bologna).Deadlines:
- October 30, 2018 submission abstract to Guest Editors;
- December 20, 2018 submission final version of paper to l’industria.

The linkage between production and the wealth of nations is a long-standing theme for economic analysis and economic policy. Indeed, the productive effectiveness of a national economy is often explained in terms of manufacturing effectiveness, as it is in the latter field that increasing returns are most likely. The deep ongoing restructuring of productive organizations worldwide is a call to the renewed urgency of the theory and policy of production as the ultimate origin of national wealth. The structural theory of production calls attention to the critical role of interrelatedness within and across production processes and highlights the areas in which complementarities between processes turn the search for competitive advantage into a positive-sum game. In fact, as noted by Charles Babbage, the division into and interdependence between specialized processes is at the root of increasing returns in manufacturing. Babbage’s principles highlight that advantage in production is inherently cooperative due to the proportionality condition between specialized and interdependent processes.

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