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Cover Organisation, Information, and Technologies


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series "Manuali"
pp. 368, Brossura, 978-88-15-09765-1
publication year 2004


Organisation, Information, and Technologies

This volume addresses the topic of interaction among information and communication technology systems and types of organisations. The author adopts the typical standpoint of business organisation disciplines. He describes both the management criteria that guide organisational planning and the effects of new information systems on individual, group, business, and network behaviour within business systems. This text is an innovative handbook that satisfies the needs of students, as well as of managers and professionals who, in private companies or the civil service, must deal with change stemming from the implementation of new computer technologies. These processes usually require the integration of diverse forms of knowledge and skills in order to plan coherent information systems; achieve goals pertaining to quality, speed, and efficiency; perform the operational, decision-making, and learning tasks that distinguish complex organisations.

Contents: Foreword, by Arnaldo Camuffo - Preface - Introduction - 1. Limited Rationality and Structure of Organisational Behaviour - 2. Sense-Making Processes - 3. Decision-Making Processes - 4. Learning Processes - 5. Essential Organisational Process Co-ordination Mechanisms - 6. Information and Communication Systems and Technologies - 7. Knowledge Level Systems - 8. Management Level Systems - 9. Integration among Computer-Based Information Systems - 10. Individuals, Groups, and Information Systems - 11. Information Systems and Types of Business Organisation - 12. Information Systems, Networks, and Inter-organisational Co-ordination Mechanisms - Bibliography - Index.

Marcello Martinez teaches Business Organisation and Labour Organisation in the Faculty of Economics of the University of Naples. He also teaches Organisation of Information Systems in the Faculty of Economics at the Federico II University of Naples.

Presentazione, di Arnaldo Camuffo
I. Razionalità limitata e strutturazione del comportamento organizzativo
II. I processi di "sense making"
III. I processi decisionali
IV. I processi di apprendimento
V. I meccanismi per il coordinamento dei processi organizzativi essenziali
VI. Sistemi e tecnologie di informazione e comunicazione
VII. I Knowledge Level System
VIII. I Management Level System
IX. L'integrazione fra sistemi informativi "computer based"
X. Individui, gruppi e sistemi informativi
XI. Sistemi informativi e forme organizzative aziendali
XII. Sistemi informativi, network e meccanismi di coordinamento interorganizzativo
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