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Cover The Europe of Law
series "Le vie della civiltà"
"L'identità europea a cura di Carlo Galli"
pp. 320, Brossura, 978-88-15-12687-0
publication year 2008


The Europe of Law

Sull'identità giuridica europea

This book is a historical reflection on the role played by Europe, and in general by the Western world, in developing that specific mode of behaviour regulation that Europeans and Westerners call law (Recht, droit, derecho, diritto, and so on), setting it apart from other forms of regulation (religion, morality, politics, custom) in ways that differ greatly from modes which are typical of other civilizations and cultures. The first part of the book addresses (objective) law, defined as a crucial feature of that mysterious entity known as European identity. The second part focuses on (subjective) rights, defined as a distinctly European contribution to global concepts of constitutionalism and legal culture. The third part and epilogue examine community law, which to a greater degree than constitutional or international law is seen as a source of new legal paradigms.

Mauro Barberis teaches Philosophy of Law at the University of Trieste.

Prologo in guerra
Parte prima: Europa del diritto
1. Retoriche dell'identità
2. L'invenzione del diritto
3. "Civil law" e "common law"
Parte seconda: Europa dei diritti
4. I diritti: una storia giuridica
5. Una discussione cosmopolita
6. Politeismo dei diritti: il Pantheon di Nizza
Parte terza: Europa, comunità di diritto
7. Evoluzione di una domunità di diritto
8. Un laboratorio concettuale
9. Una teoria del diritto europeo
Epilogo in pace
Indice dei nomi