Jesus expelling the merchants from the temple, a baby's shrill cries, the boss's bellows, a capricious woman's clamour: anger has a variegated imagery indeed. Injustice, meaningless vexations, or an obstacle along our path all can make us very angry. In different situations, with different people, for different reasons, we are almost always to justify others and ourselves when actions are dictated by rage. But does getting angry serve any purpose? Why do we fear this emotion, and yet simultaneously feel that we shall explode if we don't vent our fury? This book describes the images of anger that are embedded in our culture and everyday language and shows how manifestations of ire may kindle positive energies and contribute to social interplay.

Valentina D'Urso teaches General Psychology at the University of Padua.

1. Arrabbiarsi in cielo, in terra e in ogni luogo
2. Il linguaggio della rabbia
3. Le ragioni di un'emozione
4. La rabbia in azione
5. A che serve arrabbiarsi
6. Perché gli sportivi si arrabbiano
7. Strumenti e rimedi
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series "Farsi un'idea"
pp. 136, 978-88-15-08137-7
publication year 2001